Get Rid of Dead Trees in Fryeburg, Bridgton and throughout the Maine area

Hire an arborist to remove your trees

You might think that old oak tree in your yard looks pretty, but it could be a danger to you and your family. A rotting or dead tree could fall and damage your property or injure someone in your home. Micklon Tree Service and Landscaping will get rid of dead or dying trees on your property without causing any damage to your pristine yard.

Call 207-925-1075 to speak with a tree removal specialist in the Lovell and Bridgton, Maine area.

4 times to call a tree removal specialist

Tree removal is dangerous - you need to hire an experienced professional to make sure the job gets done safely and with zero damage to your home. You should call a tree removal specialist in Lovell and Bridgton, ME if:

  1. A tree fell down on your property.
  2. A tree died in your backyard.
  3. A tree has started leaning over onto your power lines.
  4. A tree dented the siding on your home or office.

If any of these things have happened to you, don't panic. Micklon Tree Service and Landscaping will handle the removal process from start to finish. We'll cut down the limbs, chop down the tree, grind up the branches and clean up after. Reach out to us to learn more.